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Powerline Beef Genetics Mission:
To identify, develop, and drive genetic value into an aligned branded supply chain. Powerline will do this through producing live bulls which deliver exceptional and differentiated value for all stake holders (Ranch, Feed Yard, Packer, Retail/Food Service).

Who is Powerline Genetics?

Powerline Genetics is a result of the evolution of a simple idea to begin with the end in mind. Power Genetics feedyards represents a supply chain based on high quality cattle. In order to feed better cattle, you need access to better cattle.

That concept led to a bull marketing business that sells bulls to cattlemen who are involved in the supply chain and continue to make the bulls better as well as accessible to those producers. These bulls are then used to produce some of the highest performing, feed efficient and high carcass merit calves in the world. Finally bringing those calves back into the feedyards to feed, harvest, collect/validate the data and close the loop.

Today the system has evolved into separate entities Power Genetics and Powerline Genetics who will each focus on their strengths and competencies. Power Genetics is a group of feedyards that retain a contract with Cargill to fill a specific need for high quality cattle. Powerline Genetics is a bull marketing business now owned by ABS Global Inc., based on the idea of taking the highest profit proven sires in the country and multiplying them. Each party works to build an incredibly strong supply chain for the industry like no other, focused on growth, efficiency and carcass. Powerline Genetics will continue to develop bulls that provide unique genetics to commercial cattleman who want to be involved in a supply chain. Power Genetics will work with those commercial cattleman to procure calves that will be some of the best feeders found anywhere. A simple concept – begin with the end in mind.

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