Opportunities for Bull Producers

PowerLine is proud to work with a group of Genetic Multipliers second to none. To accommodate the needed growth in bull numbers, additional Multipliers are needed.

Multipliers come in many different shapes, sizes and locations but have several things in common: 1) they have powerful cowherds comprised of Angus, SimAngus or Simmental cows, 2) they are BEEF producers first, seedstock breeders second, and 3) they prefer to operate within a seedstock system that is anchored in Real World Profitability as opposed to one that chases fads, fancies and trophies.

Multipliers have either registered or commercial cows. Many of the top bulls produced in the PowerLine system come from commercial producers with a long history of A.I. use and a record-keeping system that creates known pedigrees. All Multiplier cows are “registered” within PowerLine’s proprietary database similar to a breed association registry. EPDs and index values on PowerLine bulls and PowerLine cows are computed from this database.

Registered breeders may elect to continue registering their cattle with their respective breed association, though it is not required by PowerLine.

Multipliers utilize proven ABS sires and/or sires identified from within the PowerLine population. Significant A.I. is a requirement for several reasons. First, the rate of genetic improvement is accelerated by making heavy use of profit-proven sires. Second, the use of A.I. sires ties herds together genetically, accommodating more accurate computation of EPDs which can be compared across herds.

Multipliers have another common thread – they are good managers and excellent record-keepers. PowerLine requires submission of basic performance data. Since PowerLine is all about profitable beef production, performance reporting is mandatory.

How Do Multipliers Get Paid?
There are two basic options for Multipliers to sell bulls through the PowerLine system.
• Consign weaned bull calves to a PowerLine Bull Test, share in the risk and rewards that come with retained ownership, and receive payment when the yearling bulls are marketed, or
• Sell selected bull calves to PowerLine 45-days post-weaning and receive payment when the calves are delivered to a PowerLine Bull Test facility (Arapahoe, Nebraska or Henry, Tennessee).

For commercial producers, either option delivers significant premiums over commercial cattle production. For existing seedstock producers, net returns are often superior to what they receive after feeding, testing, marketing and delivering bulls on their own.

The decision to become a Genetic Multiplier in the PowerLine system is not one that can or should be reached by browsing this website. An in-depth discussion is needed. Moreover, we encourage prospective Multipliers to visit one of the PowerLine facilities and take a close look at how we develop and evaluate bulls, and learn more about the pull-through demand for PowerLine-sired feeder cattle.

To initiate a discussion and learn more about becoming a PowerLine Genetic Multiplier, please contact:

Dan Dorn • Powerline Business Manager
Phone: 308-830-8008 • Email: dan.dorn@genusplc.com