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“There is a tremendous shift coming in the beef industry. The only way I am going to survive is to add $100 in value to every calf and cut $100 off of every calf’s feed bill. The only way that I know how to do that is use genetics from ABS and Powerline.”
Jeremy Cox, Cox Cattle – Paris, TN

“We hang everything on the rail. Buying calves out of Powerline Bulls gives us the ability to create larger carcasses that are efficient and hit our quality specs. They are higher yielding and high grading with great conversions.”
Tom Holtorf, Schramm Feed Lot, Inc. – Yuma, CO

“We don’t use bin run seed on our crop land. We use proven genetics. We do the same with our cow herd.”
Hank Gains, Gains Farm – Autaugaville, AL

“Today the number one profit driver in the feed yard is feed conversion followed by carcass weight and carcass traits. The perfect carcass in at the slaughter house is 1,049lb. hot carcass, prime yield grade one. Powerline Genetics goal is to provide the cow calf producer genetics that come closer to hitting the feeder and packer target better than any other seedstock provider. Also Powerline’s goal is drive customer value by creating realized differentiation and predictable experience in your cow herd and ultimately for the consumer. The 1,000 plus bulls in the 2017 spring offering will do just that.”
Dan Dorn

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Organizing the Independent Cattleman into a Verified Beef supply chain system for Cargill Meat Solutions since 1991.
Power Genetics – Our Story
In the shadow of the great Rocky Mountains in the western part of the USA is where you’ll find one of Cargill Meat Solution’s beef processing plants. Each week, nearly 25,000 head of beef cattle are processed at this facility, based in Fort Morgan, Co.

“To the outside observer, this facility looks like any other commodity beef processor, but there is something much more interesting going on here and Power Genetics is a key part of the story.” Says Jason Anderson partner and supply chain manager of Power Genetics. Of the 25,000 cattle processed each week, approximately 5,000 head come from a network of 47 feedlots operating under the name Power Genetics ™. Power Genetics and Cargill Meat Solutions have worked together for more than 25 years with the aim of producing a superior product with added value. “More specifically, Cargill Meat Solutions has channeled the beef produced from the Power Genetics supply chain to key accounts both domestic and global over the past 25 years!” adds Anderson.

As a means of influencing the genetics of the cattle fed by PG feedlots and harvested by CMS, PG has aligned with ABS Global and Powerline Beef Genetics who produce more than 1,000 bulls per year, following a genetic recipe recommended by PG and CMS. The bulls are performance tested by PG and sold to ranchers, who subsequently sell their calves back to PG feedlots through www.BigBlueSaleBarn.com a bi-weekly internet auction site linking ranchers to PG feedlot buyers. These feedlots then feed them and sell them to CMS. This genetic improvement process has been in place since 1991.

“The latest step was to capitalize on the massive PG database to create proprietary genetic parameters,” says Anderson. Each of the 250,000 plus cattle fed by PG feedlots and harvested by CMS is measured for feedlot performance and carcass merit, creating a virtual gold mine of real world data! This has allowed the creation of the Power Genetic End Point Predictor that utilizes all this data and gives all the cattle fed in the PG system a “recipe for success” to hit the target of the PG/CMS grid payment model.

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